iFusion Portable - Redefining Mobility and Connectivity in Transit

At the heart of innovation, where technology meets user-centric design, the iFUSION PORTABLE stands as a testament to what is possible when engineering and simplicity collide. This device isn’t just a tool it’s your gateway to seamless, efficient, and advanced ticketing solutions. With its vivid 5″ color LCD touch screen, visibility becomes flawless, indoors and out, ensuring no environment is too challenging.

Imagine a device that not only accommodates multiple payment methods including cash, Mastercard & Visa Contactless, and Chip & Pin, but also embraces ITSO and commercial smartcards, alongside QR code and barcode scanning. This all-in-one portable ticketing solution is designed to keep you mobile and flexible, moving as swiftly as your busiest days demand with over 10 hours of operational longevity on a single charge plus convenient charging options in the office or on the bus.

The iFUSION PORTABLE integrates a high-speed thermal printer, a state-of-the-art smart card reader and writer, and precision barcode reading with 4G connectivity for rapid data transfer. GPS technology ensures you’re on track, while expansive memory handles the demands of modern transit.

Coupled with our intuitive web-based reporting and fares management software, the iFUSION PORTABLE transcends traditional boundaries, offering you real-time insights into ticketing data, journey loads, and vehicle tracking, all while enhancing security and profitability through innovative geo-tracking and barcode validation systems.

We’re not just promising a product; we’re offering a pathway to transform the public transportation experience. Join us at iFusion Systems in making every journey smarter and every connection more meaningful. This isn’t just about moving passengers. It’s about moving forward. Together.

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